No-Fail Juicy Smoked Turkey

There's a lot going on in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, so when it comes to cooking the turkey, I take the easiest approach with a recipe that never fails to produce beautiful juicy delicately complex flavored birds.

This recipe is simple, requires no stuffing and allows the bird to smoke over a tea of your choice, under a foil tent. I substitute table salt with an Asian soy-sauce chicken marinate to give it a fail-proof flavored golden brown hue. The result is a turkey that’s super moist and didn’t dry out.


:: 15-20 lb turkey (defrost according to instructions)
:: Olive oil
:: Lee Kum Kee soy sauce chicken marinate
:: Black pepper
:: Green or black tea bags

:: Place 2-3 tea bags of your choice into the roasting pan. Fill to the base of the rack with water.
:: Place chicken/turkey on roasting rack.
:: Rub with olive oil and chicken marinate, and sprinkle with black pepper.
:: Cover with foil, and roast for 3.5 to 4 hours at 325 deg.
:: For crisp golden skin, remove foil at the final 30 minutes.

Transfer the turkey to a carving board or platter, tent it loosely with foil, and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the trussing strings before carving.