Grilled Apple Sausage Salad with Apple Butter Dressing

This weekend, promise me you’ll try making this. :p  It’s so simple to make. All in one pan, and as the butter melts and the apples caramelize, it made my kitchen smell like apple pie heaven! Also, as they cook, the apples and sausage release juices into the butter, thus giving you an apple butter dressing! I always save the pan drippings and when the pan is cool enough not to overcook my salad, I’ll toss a handful of salad greens in to soak it all up before plating. Makes cleaning the pan easier too! :O

All you need is
a nonstick pan
:: a teaspoon of butter, or more if you want more dressing
:: an apple, halved
:: pre-cooked sausage, I used chicken apple sausage
:: salad greens

On low-medium heat, let butter melt.Add sausages and apples, cut side down.


If your sausage is pre-cooked, all you have to do is wait for the apples to caramelize. They start to turn golden brown, the sides curl slightly and smell so good! Let pan drippings cool a little, then toss a handful of salad greens in to soak it up.

Plate and serve. I hope you enjoy this one! And remember to bite into that apple when its warm. So good!

Sorry about the apple-fever I am having this couple of weeks. And thank you to Valerie for being my apple-partner-in-crime. Both of us have apple-fever. :O  

If you are not an apple lover, try caramelizing a slice of pumpkin, plum or pear. Just as good. :p