Fluffiest Creamiest Dreamiest Mash Potatoes

I declare this the fluffiest, creamiest, easiest mash potatoes ever! Pretty too! Good old mash potatoes get a lighter feel with garlic butter infused milk.


:: 10 lb bag of Yukon Potatoes, peeled and cut into 1” cubes.
:: 1 cup milk, warmed
:: Garlic cloves or powder
:: 1 stick butter
:: Salt, black pepper, parsley flakes.

:: Boil cubed potatoes in water and salt.
:: Warm up a cup of milk on the stove, with garlic cloves and butter.
:: Drain softened potatoes, add half of warmed milk.
:: Mash with a whisk. Season with salt and pepper as you go.
:: Add more milk and continue to mash till desired consistency.
I love my mash potatoes super airy and fluffy, so lots of milk and butter for me.
:: Garnish with parsley flakes and top with a slice of butter for a golden finish.


With this hack, it’ll be the softest pull-apart dinner rolls you’ve ever ‘made’.

These Hawaiian Rolls are begging to be smothered in homemade garlic butter. Takes just a few minutes and so easy. You can even use residual heat to toast them after pulling the turkey out of the oven. They make the perfect dinner rolls for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.


:: King’s Hawaiian Rolls
:: 2 tablespoons of butter, melted
:: Garlic powder
:: Parsley flakes

:: Melt butter for 10-15 seconds in the microwave
:: Brush butter over buns.
:: Sprinkle garlic powder and parsley flakes over butter.
:: Bake/warm buns for 3-5 minutes in the oven.


Roasted Beets and Sweet Potato Fries with Tahini Sauce

What can be healthier, and tastier than a side of roasted veggies? Roasting veggies (especially root veggies) brings out the best flavor in them.

Simply oven roast or grill them in olive oil and salt, then drizzle tahini dressing over them. How easy is that for an addictive yet healthy side dish.


:: Package of prepared beets
:: Package of prepared sweet potatoes or butternut squash
:: Seasoning: Olive oil and sea salt.  I like mine with a dash of paprika for a kick!
:: Dressing: Tahini is my fav.

To oven roast, preheat oven to 430 degrees.  In a baking tray, combine beets and sweet potatoes with olive oil.  Bake for up to 45 minutes, stirring once midway.  Cook until all veggies are tender, then salt and dress them just before serving.

To grill, combine beets and sweet potatoes in olive oil.  Grill on medium heat until veggies are slightly charred, turning occasionally.  Salt and dress them just before serving.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan Cheese

A true crowd pleaser. If you’ve never liked Brussels Sprouts, you’ll change your mind now. These are slightly charred, crisp, savory with hints of molasses from the balsamic vinegar, accompanied by the sharp, nutty taste of quality Parmesan Cheese.


:: Brussels Sprouts, trimmed and halved
:: Balsamic Vinegar
:: Olive Oil
:: Salt and Pepper
:: Quality Parmesan Cheese

:: Toss trimmed and halved Brussels Sprouts in some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.
:: Roast or grill until outer leaves are slightly charred.
:: Transfer to a serving bowl and grate Parmesan Cheese over.

Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad

Summer means drinks, salads, grilled food, dining under the stars… beaches, sun block and laughter.  It also means getting creative with bowl recipes.

This zesty salmon bowl with a hint of spice is a versatile summer one-bowl dish.  I love that it is easy to eat with a spoon out of a mason jar at work, and absolutely share-able at a picnic.

Tip: For the juiciest, flakiest salmon, I always bake salmon from frozen and a cold oven.  I’ll grab a baking dish, lay a sheet of parchment paper, smear some marmalade jam over the frozen salmon, pop the dish into a cold oven, set the temperature at 375 degrees and walk away for 25 mins for a slice and up to 45 mins for a whole slab.  Allowing the oven and salmon to preheat together prevents overcooking.  Shocking thawed salmon in a heated oven results in a dry rubbery slice of fish.

There’s almost zero clean up, since you used parchment paper. Hooray!

The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice

:: Salmon. Above, then I flaked it with a fork.
:: Brown rice or quinoa.
:: Cucumbers, diced
:: Cilantro/Coriander, roughly chopped
:: Zest and juice of limes
:: Cayenne pepper
:: Salt.

:: To make dressing, combine lime juice, zest, a dash of cayenne pepper (if you like it spicy) and pinch of salt.

The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad
The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad
The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad

:: In a large bowl, combine rice and cucumbers.
:: Top with the flaked salmon.  Gently fold the salmon into the rice mixture.
:: Top with cilantro.  Add dressing. Give it another gentle toss and get ready to plate!

Variations:  Sometimes we switch things up a bit with tomatoes, bell peppers, string beans, onions…. anything you fancy, really. 

The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad
The Belly Good Life - Zesty Salmon and Wild Rice Salad

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Tauhu Telor (Indonesian Tofu Omelette)

Originating from Java, Indonesia, Tauhu Telor is humble food that’s meatless and packed with protein; tofu, eggs, sticky soy sauce are the main ingredients.  The tofu omelette is usually fried in a tall stainless steel basket but you can make the omelette any shape you like with egg rings or a muffin pan.  I found my frying basket at Daiso.  The important stuff is the veggies and sticky sweet sauce.

This is a must-order at every Indonesian restaurant.  Served as an appetizer but you’ll find yourself having to resist another serving or you won’t have room for the main course.  And I wouldn’t blame you!  It’s hard to resist!


Tauhu Telor
(Indonesian Tofu Omelette)
:: 1/2 block tofu, drain liquids
:: 5 eggs
:: 1 cup beansprouts, blanched
:: Carrots, julienned
:: Cucumber, julienned
:: Crushed peanuts
:: Indonesian kecap manis. ABC Brand . It’s a sticky thick sweet soy sauce. Great for dipping egg rolls and frying rice.
:: In a bowl, beat eggs. Add tofu and mash into medium chunks.
:: Fry omelette as usual, or use egg rings or bake in muffin tin.
:: Top omelette with julienned cucumber and carrots.
:: Garnish with crushed peanuts.
:: Drizzle with sweet sticky caramelizrd soy sauce. And I won’t blame you for over pouring it!
Enjoy! #nopassportrequired today.

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